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Car Seat upholstery Simi Valley is a reputed auto upholstery shop. We are pioneers in automotive upholstery, car seat cushions, reupholstering car seats, and custom car upholstery. Also, we reupholster the interiors of cars and trucks. We install leather seats, repair luxury leather car seats, replace seat foam and repair seat frames. Our expert auto upholsterers also rebuild seats and lumbar supports. We also repair or replace automotive carpets, auto floor mats, seat belts, armrests, and panels.

Auto Upholstery Technicians

Our auto upholstery technicians are experts in repairing and restoring leather car seats repair and all kinds of car seat upholstery repairs. We also fix single door panels, replace the fabric of headliners, and repair car seat problems. If you notice a tear in a leather car seat, or cracked leather seats in your car or pickup truck, or want to refurbish your leather car seats, just bring your vehicle to Car Seat Upholstery Simi Valley and we will fix it. Our auto upholstery technicians will inspect your car or truck seats thoroughly and explain you exactly what needs to be done. We will also provide you with a free estimate.

Repair Car Upholstery

At Car Seat Upholstery Simi Valley, our auto upholstery technicians have been installing cloth, vinyl and leather car seats as well as leather upholstery for many years. We also replace and repair carpet sets for cars, headliners, floor mats, car seats, truck seats, motorhome seats, recreational vehicle (RV) seats, motorcycle seats and much more.  We also install faux leather car seat covers, seat heaters as well as adjustable lumbar supports. All our car seat upholsterers at Car Seat Upholstery Simi Valley professionals in car seat upholstery and installations.Car Seat Upholstery Simi Valley

Most people don’t like the original upholstery in the cars because it is not comfortable and doesn’t suit most people’s style and preferences. You can change or reupholstering the interior of your vehicle with better fabrics or leather and accent colors to fit your style and preference and give your car a fresh new look as well. You can also replace the factory car seats with better seats for maximum comfort. Just bring your car or truck to us, and we will do the rest.

Repair and Recover Car Arm Rests

Over time the armrest in your car will break, get damaged or get cracked in places, or get loose. The material on the armrest, for instance, the vinyl also gets worn out and dirty.  If you want a brand new and freshly upholstered armrest for your car, call Car Seat Upholstery Simi Valley.

Repair and Recover Auto Consoles

The automotive consoles need repairs or restorations from time to time. It’s because the fabric or the materials aren’t high-quality, and it wears out if kids constantly open or close. In addition, if you have kids and pets, particularly dogs, it is highly likely to get scratched or become dirty.  Whether your kids or pets damaged the console, we can repair your automotive console and restore it to its original condition.  Our auto upholsterers at Car Seat Upholstery Simi Valley are specialists in repairing automotive consoles. Just bring your car or truck to us and we will take it from there.

Repair Damaged Car Seat

Our beloved pets like dogs can damage the car seats. Sometimes the damage is so bad that the seat cover and the foam has to be replaced. Our auto upholsterers are experts in repairing damaged car seats.

Bench Seat Repair

When a bench seat needs repairing or re-upholstering, our car seat upholsterers are specialists. It’s not necessary to replace an entire seat cover if a small section is damaged. You can easily repair or restore any front seats or bench seats to its original condition. By only removing the damaged areas, and then replacing the damaged foam with brand new foam-backed fabric. The damaged section of the fabric can be patched with a color-matching original fabric.

If not maintained carefully, all car seats eventually will damage or degrade. In most cases, it is the fabric and the foam that deteriorates.  Changing the fabric and using a high-quality, sturdy rebound foam to rebuild and reshape the seat will bring the car seat to its original condition.  Steaming is another option to restore polyurethane foam to its original shape.

If you’re looking to repair or reupholster your car seats, fix your car seats, replace or restore the foam and padding of your seats, contact Car Seat Upholstery Simi Valley. If you are looking to repairing or replacing a leather seat, call Simi Valley Auto Upholstery.

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