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Simi Auto Upholstery is a reputed auto upholstery repair and replacement shop. We are pioneers in automotive upholstery, car seat cushions, reupholstering car seats, and custom car upholstery. We install leather seats, repair luxury leather car seats, replace seat foam, repair seat frames, and rebuild seats.  Also, we repair or replace automotive carpets, auto floor mats, car headliners, seat belts, armrests, and panels. Is your vehicle’s ceiling showing signs of serious damage? Is your car headliner sagging? Do you have a torn headliner or stained headliner board? You can fully trust our expert automotive headliner technicians at Simi Auto Upholstery to fix headliners in cars or replace a headliner board.

In addition to fixing damaged headliners, our auto upholsterers are experts in repairing and restoring leather car seats repair and all kinds of car seat upholstery repairs. We also fix single door panels, replace the fabric of headliners, and repair car seat problems.  Just bring your vehicle to Simi Auto Upholstery and we will fix it.

Car Headliner Repair

If the headliner on your car ceiling is drooping, rippled, torn or water-stained, it’s time that you fix the headliner or replace the fabric of your headliner. It is common to find sagged, rippled or torn headliners especially in older cars and trucks. If left unrepaired, it can result in serious accidents if the whole headliner falls on the driver.  Usually, adhesives are used to hold the headliner to the car ceiling.  Headliners also provide insulation and soundproofing, conceals the wiring, electrical connections, and other small components inside the vehicle. And most importantly, headliners provide the vehicle’s interior with a clean and finished appearance.Car Headliner Simi Valley

Repairing or restoring a headliner isn’t as easy as it sounds. Auto components in modern cars are becoming more and more complicated and difficult to repair including the mundane headliner. Modern cars now have a lot of electrical connectors, conduits and special padding underneath the headliner, and the process of removing and restoring a headliner from modern cars, trucks, or recreational vehicles is no longer simple.

You could buy a kit on the Internet and try it yourself, and if you fail to get it right at the first time, you have to repeat the whole process again. So, why take the risk of the cost of a botched do-it-yourself headliner repair job and the embarrassment, when our expert headliner upholsterers at Simi Auto Upholstery are there to help you out? If you are looking for a headliner upholsterers to fix the headliner or replace the fabric of your headliner, call Simi Auto Upholstery.

Common Mistakes and Fixes

Avoid the mistakes and hassles of car headliner replacement by contacting Simi Auto Upholstery. Simi Auto Upholstery is a leader in headliner repair shop and headliner replacement services. Just bring your vehicle to Simi Auto Upholstery, and after a thorough inspection by our headliner upholstery specialists, we will estimate the cost of headliner replacement. We will also show you the process we use to fix a sagging ceiling with foam-backed headliner fabric.

If you’re searching for a used headliner or a headliner aftermarket source, call us. At Simi Auto Upholstery, we have been repairing and replacing automobile headliners for decades. Our professionally trained headliner technicians can fix headliners of all makes and models.

Car Headliner Repair Costs

The cost of repairing or replacing car headliners depends on the make, model and year of the vehicle. Repair costs also depend on how long the headliner repair requires to complete. To give some context, the cost of repairing the headliner of a VW Jetta is almost twice as expensive when compared to repairing the headliner of a Japanese car like Honda or Nissan. This has nothing to do with the upholstery repair shop of the personal preferences of headliner upholsterers. It mainly because the engineering and manufacturing process of German vehicles is complex than the Japanese made cars, which makes repairs on any sections or components of German cars expensive and time-consuming.

Headliner Quick Fix Mistakes

There are people who claim that you can save money by spraying fabric paint on a damaged headliner instead of repairing it in a conventional manner with foam-backed fabric. This is a bad technique. It looks terrible and will decrease the value of your car. Some say you can save money by regluing the old fabric to the headliner board. Sadly, this is also not possible. When the headliner degrades, everything from the foam, fabric, and board adhesive turn to dust. Stapling the sagging fabric to the headliner board is also a really bad idea. It will work for a while, but the fabric will still droop and the whole thing will look saggy.

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