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In the upholstery industry, people typically associate upholstery with cars, trucks, RVs, convertibles, boats, yachts, or furniture, but rarely with motorcycles. But upholstery is everywhere including motorcycles.  Most of the motorcycle upholstery involves recovering the motorcycle seat or installing custom gel pads on the seat to make it more comfortable for extended riding excursions.

The materials used in motorcycle upholstery are extremely durable and stain resistant and made of fabric, vinyl or leather.  But the upholstery will show signs of damages and wear and tear resulting from continuous riding and exposure to the elements. Therefore, it is essential to maintain the upholstery of your motorcycle on a regular basis to ensure the longevity of the upholstery.  The best time to restore or reupholster your motorcycle seat in the summer. Don’t wait till spring when most of the bikers will start upholstering their motorcycles keeping the upholstery shop booked for weeks, not to mention keeping you out of the roads for a long time. In addition, while installing or reupholstering your motorcycle seats we recommend you hire an experienced motorcycle upholsterer or motorcycle upholstery shop for all your motorcycle upholstery tasks. This will ensure that the upholstering task is done perfectly.

Custom Motorcycle Seats Are Designed For Comfort

When a motorcycle seat doesn’t fit right or feel uncomfortable, it not only ruins your riding experience but your day as well.  The seat of your motorcycle can feel quite comfortable and look good in the showroom, but it can turn into a torture device within an hour sitting on it. When you see an American or Japanese chopper, street bike, sports bike, dirt bike, Triumph, Kawasaki, or Harley—you will find that every motorcycle has a distinct and unique look and feel. But, there is one thing that is common across all the motorcycles: the original seat rarely fits the rider.

Most riders complain that for a long time that they don’t feel comfortable riding on the manufacturer’s factory seat. Because these motorcycle seats were never manufactured for your comfort. The OEM motorcycle upholstery and the seats were never meant to fit everyone, they are designed to fit an “average” body. What is the solution? A custom-fitted seat and high-performance motorcycle upholstery from Motorcycle Upholstery Simi Valley.

Motorcycle Seat Recovering

At Motorcycle Upholstery Simi Valley, we design, sculpt and recover motorcycle seats to fit an individual rider. Our professional motorcycle upholsterers lower, narrow or widen the seats so that it fits the rider perfectly. And ensure that everything feels just right. To maximize riders comfort and make their riding experience enjoyable, we fabricate and install special polymer gel seat pads. In addition to motorcycle upholstery, we also design and supply custom-fit seats and gel pads for bicycles, race cars, ATVs, trikes, riding mowers, helm seats, go-karts, wheelchairs, trucks, cars, snowmobiles forklifts, furniture, equestrians, scooters, mattresses, floors and personal seats for sporting and any kind of events.

Custom Motorcycle Seat Gel Pads

Off-the-shelf gel pads such as Butt Buffers are of poor quality. We recommend bikers not to purchase these butt buffers. We also think these one-size-fits-all gel pads for motorcycles are a waste of money. Also, they don’t provide comfort to average bikers. Furthermore, these run-of-the-mill gel pads are not perfectly suitable for your body or your motorcycle. They still improve the quality of your ride, but they are nowhere near the level of comfort. Custom-fit motorcycle seat gel pads offer the best comfort. At Motorcycle Upholstery Simi Valley, motorcycle gel pads and cushions manufactured from sheets of a special medical-grade polymer. These special gel pads are ultra-soft. At the same time, they can absorb shock. They used in hospitals to prevent pressure sores in patients in wheelchair or confined in beds.

Motorcycle Gel Seat Pads and Gel Pads

The gel pads were originally created for medical applications. But this polymer-based material has been using in a huge range of products because of its shock absorbing properties for years. This soft gel makes the riding on motorcycles smoother and comfortable. It reduces pressure points and increasing blood flow throughout the hips, butt, and legs. Furthermore, this medical polymer-based gel is stable and cool. Also, it performs better traditional silicone pad, which can generate and hold heat during summers.

If you want to enjoy your long rides and notice; ride on custom-made motorcycle seats and motorcycle upholstery from the master craftsmen at Motorcycle Upholstery Simi Valley.  Are you looking for a master motorcycle upholsterer? contact Motorcycle Upholstery Simi Valley. We guarantee the best rates possible, quality craftsmanship for your car, truck, RV, motorhome, motorcycle, boat, or yacht.

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