Convertible Tops Simi Valley

Convertible Tops Simi Valley

Simi Auto Upholstery repairs and replaces convertible car tops, car covers, Jeep convertible tops, roll bar pads. Our convertible top installers are some of the best in the city. All of convertible top installers and technicians are specially trained to repair tears, repair convertible top rear windows, and install new back windows for convertibles. In addition to installing convertible tops, we also repair convertible tops, leaking tops and damaged rear windows on convertibles. If you file an insurance claim or purchase a replacement convertible top from Simi Auto Upholstery, we will patch your convertible top for free.Convertible Tops Simi Valley

If you are interested in a new Mustang top, Porsche convertible top replacement, or Boxster top, contact Simi Auto Upholstery. In addition, we also offer Mercedes convertible top replacement, a new BMW top, Mazda convertible top, VW top, and so on.  Simi Auto Upholstery installs and repairs all kinds of cars with convertible tops, both domestic and foreign makes, and models. If you looking to repairing your convertible car top or thinking about ordering a replacement convertible top, it’s important to understand the differences between trained convertible top technicians and cut-rate installers.

Convertible Tops For Sale

Typically, cut-rate outfits command low prices, but those prices don’t justify the usual substantial cost of repairing the damage they do. The cut-rate outfits are installed so badly, the car owners had to discard the tops, and later buy new ones and start all over. There is no point of these discount jobs as they often end up costing a lot more than a professional, warranty-backed installation. Installing a new convertible top is a complicated job. Don’t cheap out on these kinds of tasks and always hire professional, experienced convertible top installers.

Convertible Top Rain Gutters

A rain gutter is a ridge of fabric sewn into a convertible top. A rain gutter sits just above the window. Rain gutters are unobtrusive, yet an effective way to channel water away from the open door.

If you have rain gutters, you don’t need to worry about getting wet when coming out of the car during a downpour. The rain gutters will drain away the accumulated water from the open door. Most replacement convertible tops have rain gutters. They cost a little more than standard convertible tops. But the production process of these replacement tops are complicated, so it is justified. If you are thinking about installing a replacement top on your convertible, makes sure the replacement tops come with rain gutters. If you are looking for replacement top on your car, we provide rain gutters with replacement tops.

Soft Top Rear Window Replacement

Are you thinking about installing a new glass or plastic back window for your convertible? Do you need a soft top rear window replacement because your back window got cracked? Do you need a new glass or plastic back window because the plastic has become foggy you can’t see any longer through it? There are plenty of convertible car owners who simply replace the plastic back window to save money instead of installing a brand new top. This is perfectly fine. If you own a Porsche Boxster, you can save a lot of money by just sewing in a replacement window at the rear instead of replacing the entire top. If you are looking to replace or sew a new rear replacement window, call Simi Auto Upholstery. We recommend convertible top window repair or rear window replacement options.

Frame & Motor Convertible Top Repair

Simi Auto Upholstery also provides repair services for convertible top mechanisms. Convertible top motors (electric and hydraulic), cylinders, hoses, switches, frames, weather stripping, boots and more. Are you having issues with your convertible top opening? Contact us Today. Our professional convertible top installers at Simi Auto Upholstery will fix it.

New Convertible Top Fabrics & Colors

Replacement tops for most convertibles are available in a variety of colors, textures, window styles and prices. Each fabric and window style has advantages of its own. Also, drop by at our Simi Auto Upholstery showroom and discover for yourself which is the best replacement top for your car. The replacement tops we have in our collection:

  1. Sonnenland® A5 Convertible Tops
  2. Twillfast® Convertible Tops
  3. Stayfast® Convertible Tops
  4. RC Grain Vinyl & Sailcloth Vinyl Convertible Tops

Replacing Spray-Painted Top

You can change the color of your convertible top using spray ink or spray paint. It is possible, but most professional convertible top installers discourage it. It is tricky and you need to use several coats of the correct dye and tape everything just right. Otherwise, things will go haywire and you have to repeat the process.

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